Five Things You Should Know About Injury Lawyers

There are many reasons an injured person may decide to hire a Denver personal injury lawyer. When a personal injury lawyer is hired, the injured party is able to rest assured their case is in good hands and they will be more likely to receive the fair outcome they deserve. With the following information, injured individuals will learn more about injury lawyers and why they should consider hiring them for their legal pursuit.

What Should Individuals Know About Injury Lawyers?

Those who have never hired a personal injury attorney may not be aware of all of the services they provide. The more an injured person knows about an attorney, the better equipped they will be to make the right decisions as they pursue their case.

An injury attorney becomes an advocate for the injured party and works to make sure they receive the medical care they need. The attorney will pursue the victim’s own insurance company for PIP coverage to help offset some of the medical costs.

An injury attorney will perform a thorough investigation and will work to make sure they are able to gather enough evidence to pursue the matter in court, should it become necessary. Without the help of an attorney, a great deal of evidence can be lost.

Injury attorneys offer aggressive negotiation skills which can be helpful in dealing with the insurance adjuster. When an injured person attempts to negotiate with an insurance company alone, they will often find the adjuster unwilling to be fair because there is no threat of court.

An injury attorney will take care of all of the steps involved in filing a lawsuit. Many people are intimidated when it comes to pursuing a lawsuit because they do not know what to expect. If an attorney is hired, there will be much less stress involved.

If an injured victim is worried about their finances, they can sometimes hire an injury lawyer on contingency. When a lawyer is hired on contingency, they will not be responsible for any attorney’s fees unless they win. If they do win, the fees come out of the settlement winnings as a percentage.

Get Started Right Away

In the state of Colorado, the statute of limitations is two years. Those who have been injured in car accidents or other types of personal injury scenarios need to be aware of this limit. All lawsuits must be filed within this two-year time limit. If you would like to hire an auto accident attorney, call the office right away to get started.


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